UX Design

Process Flow
Client: Hibu


Determine a more scientific approach to template selection that will result in higher conversions on a clients website. Currently web designers choose templates for their clients based subjectively on aesthetics, with no regard to business need or conversion goals.


Identified pain points in the template selection process for our SMB website product that led to expensive redesigns and customer complaints.

Interviewed sales team, product team and design team. Evaluated conversion metrics. Mapped out the current template selection journey.

Mapped out a new journey to optimize the sales process and selection process based on the users conversion needs.

Created new templates and curated templates into logical groupings that align with the new journey.


Template selection will be more intentional – determined during the sales process by asking questions that will discover the conversion needs of the user. Variation will be baked into each template based on the users conversion needs.

Created a more efficient process for template selection that:

1) Established expertise in conversion-based design

2) Offered value through conversion rather than fulfilling aesthetic preference

3) Educated and engaged the client early to increase awareness and focus on conversion goals

4) Empowered sales team by establishing a level of trust and subject matter expertise

5) Reduced the number of redesigns, reworks and cancellations